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Ich habe einen Schnitt von 1,23 im > Studium zu diesem Zeitpunkt gehabt und war damals > der beste aus dem gesamten Studienfach (ca. You are welcome to apply for a Deutschlandstipendium in July 2021. We publish all information on this page. with the beginning winter semester, and must be within the standard period of studies (exceptions are possible). Das Stipendium wird für die Dauer von zwei Semestern gewährt. The Deutschlandstipendium programme supports talented and high-achieving students at public and state-recognised universities in Germany. The Deutschlandstipendium offers not only financial support, but above all a community of committed students who want to make more out of their studies and work together for different purposes. Find out about upcoming and past events and get an idea of ​​the diversity of our network events. For applicants there is an application hotline and a consultation hour. We will also be flexible in our selection process. 93 Studierende der TU Chemnitz erhielten am 8. Following, download the registration form here or in the portal, print it out and sign it. Ziel der AG Botschafter ist es, potentielle Förderer und Studieninteressierte für das Deutschlandstipendium an der TU Dresden zu begeistern. TU Dresden Ich hab gehört, dass Dinge > wie: Frau sein, Ausländer sein, Kinder haben, The only attachment that does not need to be submitted online is the portfolio for architecture / landscape architecture students and applicants (see attachments). Im Studienjahr 2013/14 unterstützt Dr. Walter eines von 325 Deutschlandstipendien der Technischen Universität Dresden mit 1.800 Euro. In this case, instead of the confirmation of enrolment, upload the acceptance letter, the online application form or - in NC programmes – a copy of the confirmation of the online application. You can safe your application any time and continue to process it later. What impact does corona have on the application for a Deutschlandstipendium? In ihren Ansprachen wiesen sie auf den Erfolg des Deutschlandstipendiums in Sachsen und die Chancen des Programms für alle beteiligten Akteure hin. Axel Beller, gefördert von BUG Verkehrsbau AG The entire selection process can be found in our FAQ. Scholarships that are compatible with the Deutschlandstipendium and those which are not, are listed here: Overview of parallel scholarships. Here you will find information and contact details of the Team Deutschland- stipendium as well as addresses and office hours.        • social and/or family commitment Translate the documents written in another language. OG | Beratungen: 6. For this reason you will not be excluded from the selection process. The data volume per upload must not exceed 2 MB. Send encrypted mail Liebe Blog-Leser*innen, In den letzten Wochen wollten wir von den De... utschland-Stipendiat*innen der TU Dresden erfahren, was das Motto ihrer Universität "Wissen schafft Brücken" für sie ganz persönlich bedeutet. consultation hours every thursday from 9:00-11:30 and 12:30-15:30. via the SecureMail portal (for TUD external users only). Die TU Dresden fördert mit dem Deutschlandstipendium begabte und leistungsstarke Studierende mit außergewöhnlichen Persönlichkeitsmerkmalen und gesellschaftlichem Engagement und ist das einzige Stipendienprogramm, das einer Universität ermöglicht, Stipendien an … Enrolled students and university applicants of the TU Dresden can apply for the Deutschlandstipendium, regardless of nationality and previous educational achievements. Can we inspire you to sponsor one or more scholarships? via the SecureMail portal (for TUD external users only). Das Stipendium wird für die Dauer von zwei Semestern gewährt. For the application to be valid, however, you must send it within the deadline. Encouraging young talented people so that they have a clear head for their studies - this idea is at the center of the Deutschlandstipendium. “The first few weeks went by just getting the hang of the video conferencing and … The university acts as an organizer and as a mediator between the BMBF, supporters and promoters. Career Service, Deutschlandstipendium Committee work: confirmation by the executive committee of the respective committee stating the expenditure per semester. § 14 (2) TzBfG), zu besetzen. Im Studienjahr 2013/14 werden an der TU Dresden wieder leistungsstarke und besonders engagierte Studierende mit einem Deutschlandstipendium unterstützt; 25 davon sind an der Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik immatrikuliert: Tim Augustin, gefördert von Partzsch Elektromotoren e.K. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time, preferably by e-mail or in our chat on Tuesdays from 9-10 am. – 15. For this purpose we have exciting speakers and workshops ready for you.        • professional qualification and references Please refrain from photographing your documents with your mobile phone or from the screen! We answer all questions about the application documents to be submitted, the application procedure and much more. Deutschlandstipendium 2014 Auch im Jahr 2014 konnten wir durch deine Hilfe, lieber Spender, wieder ein Deutschlandstipendium finanzieren. Incomplete application documents will not be processed and are excluded from the selection process. Für die klügsten Köpfe spenden – unter diesem Motto läuft noch bis zum 30. Die TU Dresden fördert mit dem Deutschlandstipendium begabte und leistungsstarke Studierende mit außergewöhnlichen Persönlichkeitsmerkmalen und gesellschaftlichem Engagement und ist das einzige Stipendienprogramm, das einer Universität ermöglicht, Stipendien an eigene talentierte Studierende zu vergeben. With the funding of a Deutschlandstipendium, you have the opportunity to support the brightest minds of the TU Dresden and to benefit from a unique funding and scholarship network. The criteria include performance (grades), social commitment as well as special personal and family circumstances. Sie sind Förderer/-in und würden Ihr Portrait an dieser Stelle gerne wiederfinden? Deutschlandstipendium TU Dresden – Ausschreibung 2020/2021 . The Deutschlandstipendium: Best of both worlds for students. 62 Bergakademie-Studenten erhielten in Dresden Urkunde zum Deutschlandstipendium (11.07.2013) Tangoabend bringt Stifter und Stipendiaten zusammen (16.04.2013) Bergakademie Vorreiter bei den Deutschlandstipendien (11.12.2012) Rektorat der TU Bergakademie Freiberg stiftet Deutschlandstipendium (16.05.2012) Deutschlandstipendium for Master Students 22.01.13 Three master students of the master’s courses „Molecular Bioengineering“ at the Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden (BIOTEC) and „Regenerative Biology and Medicine“ at the BIOTEC and CRTD can be happy about a Deutschlandstipendium … Bewerbungszeitraum: 1. Insgesamt 324 Studierende werden im Studienjahr 2013/14 ein Deutschlandstipendium von der Technischen Universität Dresden (TU) erhalten. Can I apply if I also receive another scholarship? Just read in for information. Please submit current works as possible. Dazu ist voraussichtlich zum 01.01.2014 eine Stelle als. Ehrungen 150 euros are financed by the federal government and 150 euros by private sponsors such as companies, foundations, associations, alumni or other individuals. If you have difficulties in obtaining the required documents, you can still submit them after the application period by e-mail until August 21, 2020. The portal is activated once per academic year for a limited period, in each case from 1 July (10:00) - 15 July (24:00). The scholarship network's blog at the TU Dresden is being brought to life by dedicated scholarship holders of the Deutschlandstipendium. 150 Euro werden dabei jeweils vom Bund und von privaten Geldgebern wie Unternehmen finanziert. Ms. Carolin Schaufel is always available as a contact person for you. Promote the Deutschlandstipendium! Yes, you can also apply if you finish your studies sooner or if you will not be enrolled for a full year. The regulation for the awarding of scholarships regulate the implementation of the law for the creation of a national scholarship program and the regulation for the implementation of the scholarship program law at the TU Dresden. If you also get no information about your credit points there, please enter "0" when applying and attach a document with an informal message. Deutschlandstipendium . You can submit the portfolio to us by August 21, 2020. We request that you refrain from asking us to do so. November 2018 ein Deutschlandstipendium – Kontakt zu Förderern konnte am Abend weiter vertieft werden. All documents must be uploaded online as a PDF and attached to the application. Dafür werden Stipendiat/-innen verschiedener Fachrichtungen als Botschafter ausgebildet. Im Studienjahr 2015/16 werden an der TU Dresden wieder leistungsstarke und besonders engagierte Studierende mit einem Deutschlandstipendium unterstützt; 25 davon sind an der Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik immatrikuliert: Axel Beller, gefördert von BUG Verkehrsbau AG The DRESDEN-concept scholarship as part of the Deutschlandstipendium is awarded with the support of the SANTANDER Bank. Deutschlandstipendium TU Dresden. How the program works for students and sponsors is explained below. 10 e. in the case of foreign certificates, an officially certified translation into German or English and a transcript of records stating the university's system of grades. Poorly legible documents cannot be included in the application process. Das Deutschlandstipendium an der TU Dresden . The scholarship consists of 300 euro paid each month for 1 year. Package address: This distinction is accompanied by a festive supporting program and connected with a Get Together, where sponsors and scholarship holders can get to know each other.        • conditions that have adversely affected your educational biography. Mit dem Deutschlandstipendium fördert die TU Dresden begabte und leistungsstarke Studentinnen und Studenten mit außergewöhnlichen Here you can read news from the network, event reviews and present yourself on the blog by means of a scholarship or sponsor profile. b. for students in bachelor's, diploma or state examination courses up to and including the third semester (for students in medicine and dentistry up to and including the fifth semester), a copy of the higher education entrance qualification and proof of previous academic achievements (overview of grades or achievement certificates). The scholarship network of the Deutsch- landstipendium organizes network meetings twice a year, during which sponsors have the opportunity to network with one another and to debate with scholarship holders. We always try to find flexible solutions, especially when dealing with application documents. Further references - If possible, please complete your application with written evidence on the following criteria: It is not credited against the BAföG and social insurance contributions are not payable on the funding. Darüber informierte Verena Leuterer vom Dezernat für Studium und Weiterbildung. Due to the large number of applications, the receipt of the documents can not be confirmed immediately. Once a year, the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship holders of the current scholarship year are honoured.

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